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On the basis of decades of technical and practical experience as a craftswoman, civil engineer and as the responsible manager of my pool of craftsmen www.hands-tohelp.de, I will be happy to assist you.

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Overview of my services

Buying a condominium

  • Checking and assessing the current condition
  • Inventory of the property and measurement preparation
  • Checking inventory plans, e.g. for your bank
  • Calculating living space, e.g. for banks, tax office
  • Assessment of necessary measures
  • Checking conversion options
  • Conversion and process planning
  • Determining the investment costs

Inspection and acceptance of craft services

  • Quality control during execution
  • Inspection of craft services
  • Preparation of defect and acceptance reports
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Photo documentation
  • Solution-oriented advice on remedying defects
  • Advice on conflict resolution in the event of a dispute
  • Offer and invoice verification

Barrier-free, barrier-reduced apartment or bathrooms

  • Checking and assessing the options
  • Planning conversion measures
  • Determining the investment costs

Wohnungsübergabe bei Kauf sowie Ein-/Auszug

  • Quality control and inspection of defects
  • Participation in the acceptance, apartment handover
  • Preservation of evidence and documentation
  • Advice on remedying defects

Planning services

  • Creation of dimensioned floor plans
  • Creation of design plans as a basis for decision-making
  • Creation of design plans for cost calculation
  • Creation of execution plans for the craftsmen

Schadensbeurteilung - Haftpflichtschäden

  • Checking and assessing the damage
  • Documentation and preservation of evidence of the damage
  • Determining the costs of repairing the damage

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